Ford makes 5-millionth car with EcoBoost engine
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Ford makes 5-millionth car with EcoBoost engine

what Ford cars come with the EcoBoost engine
Ford manufactured its 5-millionth car!

What Ford cars come with the EcoBoost engine

The Ford EcoBoost engine is one-of-a-kind engine created and manufactured specially by Ford to provide drivers with an added boost of efficiency, no matter where they are traveling. It has become extremely popular over the years as more and more vehicles are being built with the EcoBoost engine, which may leave you wondering what Ford cars come with the EcoBoost engine?

Most of the vehicles today that Ford manufactures and designs are already extremely efficient and there are a number of models that actually come standard with the EcoBoost engine, and if they don’t, the engine is an available option for drivers looking to amp up their efficiency.

Some of the most popular Ford cast that come with the EcoBoost engine, either standard or available, are the Ford F-150, the Ford Focus, the Ford Fusion and the Ford Escape. All of these vehicles are incredibly efficient and have outstanding fuel economy ratings. This is only one of the perks of having an EcoBoost engine; another perk is the fact that you are producing a much smaller carbon footprint, which is an exciting feature as more and more drivers come to care about the environment and the impact they are having on it.

The 2015 Ford F150 is all-new for the new model year and in addition to having an available EcoBoost engine, it has a ton of advanced technology and features to make it one of the most innovative vehicles of the year!

what Ford cars come with the EcoBoost engineThe EcoBoost engine is a thing of beauty.

The EcoBoost engine is a turbocharged, direct-injection gasoline engine that is equipped to deliver more power and torque than the traditional engine of its size, and gets about 20 percent better fuel efficiency and produced about 15 percent fewer greenhouse emissions than larger engines.

EcoBoost engines are seen as a nice alternative to hybrid and diesel engines and will likely have a bright future in the automotive industry. Check out all of our Ford cars with EcoBoost engines today at Western Slope Auto!

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